Key information in English

University of Pedagogy in Bialystok, founded in 1996, has grown into a wide-ranging center of learning with a number of excellent undergraduate and graduate academic programs. Throughout its activity it has remained both accessible and affordable. Along with high-quality education, the university gives individual attention to all students.

University of Pedagogy in Bialystok makes the most of its location in Podlasie Region in the north-east of Poland. Students graduate from the University well educated and well equipped to lead productive and responsible lives and to participate responsibly in our society and the world at large.

The Faculty of Educational Science offers programs in the following fields:

1)    Pedagogy – BA and MA courses
2)    Psychology – MA courses
3)    Internal Security – BA courses

Pedagogy (Bachelor of Arts program; duration: 3 years)

Students can study Pedagogy in 8 various specializations:     


  • Resocialization,
  • Defense Education with Crime Problems,
  • Protective and Educational Pedagogy with Health Studies,
  • Primary Education with Artistic Education,
  • Media Education with Graphic Design,
  • Educational Diagnosis and Therapy,
  • Health Studies and Rehabilitation.

Courses last 6 semesters (3 years). To finish this program students have to pass all necessary exams and write a dissertation. The graduate receives the Bachelor of Arts  degree in a specific specialization.

Graduates of the “pedagogy" program are prepared to work in schools and other educational institutions as school educationalists and teachers, in child and youth organizations as animators or tutors. They are prepared to work directly with children, youth and adults, as well as to organize help and social assistance. Each graduate is able to gather external resources for projects concerning social assistance, countering unemployment and social pathologies, supporting the disabled in the job market and to manage such projects. Our alumni have a wide specialized knowledge of psychology, sociology as well as social work and counselling.

Pedagogy (Master of Arts program; duration: 2 years)

This course is addressed to undergraduates who obtained Bachelor of Arts degree in Pedagogy or in similar fields.
This second degree course is based on a 2-year system of study in 5 various specializations:     

  • Social Work,
  • Resocialization,
  • Primary and Preschool Education,
  • Defense Education with Crime Problems,
  • Protective and Educational Pedagogy.

The policy of this Second Degree Study is to prepare students for work in various fields of education, e.g. as a social worker, and also in educational and cultural institutions, social welfare institutions, community homes, kindergartens, schools, education establishments and specialist clinics and centers.
Graduates of Defense Education with Crime Problems are able to work in administration of justice, in the system of prison organization or can work as school teachers (having finished teacher’s specialization – in accordance with the standards of Polish education system).

Psychology  (Master of Arts program; duration: 5 years)

The available specializations are as follows:


  • Social Psychology,  
  • Health Psychology,
  • Business Psychology.

The discipline of Psychology spans science and humanities - recognising that to fully understand  human behaviour, both approaches are needed.
Almost all our courses are team-taught, and students are introduced to different topics by academic staff members who are leading academics in their fields. Researchers who are passionate about their work bring the latest developments to their lectures.
Studying psychology gives skills that are attractive to any employer - such as thinking, innovating, designing experiments, conducting and reporting experiments.

Internal Security  (Bachelor of Arts program; duration: 3 years)

In our new second major – Interior Safety students can choose among 3 various specializations:


  • Internal Security and Public Order,
  • Emergency Management,
  • Defense Management.

Studies last 6 semesters. To finish this course student has to pass all necessary exams and write a dissertation. Undergraduate obtains a Bachelor of Arts degree in a specific specialization.

Having finished this course graduates will have general knowledge in the scope of internal security social and legal issues, they will be able to understand and analyze different occurrences connected with global, national and local safety. They will also obtain knowledge from the field of social sciences, human rights and principles of state organizations, will know the division of power and principles of functioning of state governing bodies. Graduates will also know different aspects of internal security, especially legal issues and will be aware of the range of crisis management problems. They will be able to head small groups of people, to communicate, collect, transform and pass on appropriate information to proper governmental bodies. They will be well prepared to work in public administration bodies, especially in national entities which are responsible for internal security and public order.